USA carrier may no easily resolved Taiwan crisis

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USA carrier may no easily resolved Taiwan crisis Empty USA carrier may no easily resolved Taiwan crisis

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:22 pm

14 years ago, the United States, "Nimitz" aircraft carriers to the East China Sea, resolving the Taiwan Strait crisis; today, the United States, "George. Washington" towards the Yellow Sea aircraft carrier to avoid, lest a crisis. "East" and "West" trade-offs between, means that the U.S. has quietly changed the strategic bags (chanel bags)

March 1996, Taiwan's first "general election" on the eve of the mainland large-scale military exercises in the Taiwan Strait and missile tests. Then U.S. President Bill Clinton ordered the "Nimitz" and "Independence" Two aircraft carrier battle group sailed near the Taiwan Strait, constitute the end of this area since the Vietnam War, the largest military deployment handbags (chanel handbags)

U.S. Defense Department said the aircraft carrier has been to the Yellow Sea last year, and this time sent out what exercise equipment, access to which areas of the initiative is still the United States, carriers would not enter the Yellow Sea, and so on. Words as if "I have money, want to spend on flowers; I had no money, not spend no flowers", is in fact find himself under the watches (chanel watches)

Statement from Taiwan's point of view, the PLA war preparations aimed at deterrence, delay, or even block the United States to Taiwan rush to the rescue. The United States has been Taiwan's largest carrier with mental now seems that the days may have gone backpack (chanel backpack)


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