Russians pilots kidnapped in Sudan

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Russians pilots kidnapped in Sudan

Post  cm610602209 on Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:21 pm

louis vuitton outlet 5, Sudanese officials said the three Russians pilots 4 in the Darfur region of western Sudan has been kidnapped by unidentified armed elements, the local security forces are tracking the kidnappers.

louis vuitton bags Deputy Governor of Southern Darfur, said in a statement that three Russian pilots employed by a private airline Sudan. According to the company and the World Food Programme, signed the contract, they bear for the World Food Programme, the work of people and goods transport.

louis vuitton luggage 4, a group of armed men broke into 3 people in South Darfur state capital Nyala's home, taking the direction they fled after the west of Nyala.

true religion jeans Moussa also said that security forces are now tracking the whereabouts of the kidnappers and hostages, and blocked the kidnappers could be hiding in the region.

laguna beach jeans This year in August, also occurred in this region kidnapping Russians pilots, three of the abductees released soon.


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