Another volcanic eruption in Indonesia 7

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Another volcanic eruption in Indonesia 7

Post  cm610602209 on Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:15 pm

louis vuitton outlet According to the "Central News Agency" reports, the volcano Mount Merapi in Indonesia erupted in recent days strongly continuous, causing dozens of casualties. However, another volcano in the country local time on November 1 7 outbreak, the authorities have declared a dangerous area around 2 km. There were no reports of casualties.

louis vuitton bags According to reports, Maluku Islands, a small island in Ternate island, the volcanic island of Gama Lama took place on November 1 7 outbreak, the peak smoke-filled.

louis vuitton shoes Local government has announced that the volcano is around 2 km danger zone.

laguna beach jeans It is reported that the low dry island of Halmahera Island in the West coast, is composed of a circular volcanic island.

true religion jeans sale Do that is to Morotai must pass through the low land, from the dry low boat that arrived 25 minutes Damoluotai Island.


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