Facebook virtual currency obtained through the search

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Facebook virtual currency obtained through the search

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:50 pm

4Loot algorithm is a search engine using Yahoo,(louis vuitton outlet) Facebook users were effectively if 4Loot search, you can get can be redeemed for Facebook Credits (Facebook official virtual currency) virtual coins.(coach handbags)

Search engine users search, they can be redeemed for prizes is the only Facebook Credits, but said it would introduce more 4Loot methods and prizes.(coach hadnbags) The site has already attracted a number of users, sometimes even a lot of traffic, this may be because of its Facebook Credits page with the promotion.(louis vuitton wallets )

To use the 4Loot, the user must be logged in to Facebook and give 4Loot several "allow" permissions.(coach wallets) How to win in the event of an exchange of coins and the prompt, the user will see its search bar. Trial discovery, 4Loot the first page of search results displayed in the 8 sponsored results and the results of the other 12, but on the page after the sponsors display the results is relatively small.(Coach Jewelry)


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