71% of Twitter messages No Comments respond

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71% of Twitter messages No Comments respond

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:49 pm

(coach handbags)Sysomos the past 2 months in the 1.2 billion Twitter messages were analyzed. Survey, 71% of Twitter messages does not get a response, 23% of Twitter messages get a reply, only 6% of the Twitter message was broadcast.(louis vuitton outlet)

(coach handbags)()Polls show that most Twitter recovery and transfer of information is now released after the release of the first 1 hour. 96.9% 92.4% response and broadcast information in Twitter 1 hour after release, Twitter 3 hours after the release of information, the information obtained as a 5.97% chance of broadcasting, information is the probability of return was 2.22%.(louis vuitton bags)

(coach madison collection)Sysomos survey also showed that the responses of all Twitter messages, 85% of the information received only one response, 10.7% of the information received by the second response, 1.53% of the information received three replies.(Coach Jewelry)


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