Apple will let real"social intercourse" of Ping get up

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Apple will let real"social intercourse" of Ping get up

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:40 pm

The beginning of the apple company music social intercourse network Ping(coach outlet) starts edition to hard to understand the ground"anti- social intercourse", is more very difficult than sharing music, therefore soon sinking into after releasing is dead silent, but the apple releases on the 25th of iTunes 10.0.1 new editions will consumedly improve this circumstance.(coach handbags)

Use a Ping bottom to pull menu, you need to click a button, can you share the song that you are listenning to.The sharing is willing appear in your Ping contents to flow, all of your friends can see it.(coach madison collection )

Aren't the song that passes iTunes store sale to those, new version Ping still exists a sharing problem:You can not share these songs, because they aren't doing lie in the database of apple company.((Coach Shoes))But in consideration of the song database of apple is very big, this is an opposite and next in importance problem.


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