The apple super medium petroleum helps ball the second

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The apple super medium petroleum helps ball the second

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:27 pm

(coach outlet)Value in apple City on Thursday exceed medium petroleum, become be second only to an Ai gram Sen the United States Fu of global city is worth a second archduke department.Apple City while closing to send report the value is USD 263,950,000,000, medium petroleum is USD 203,460,000,000, Ai gram Sen beautiful Fu is USD 311,360,000,000.

(coach handbags)The iPhone has been being to push an apple stock to soar one big motivation, after becoming available in the market for three years, its income takes up 30% of its apple total earning around, and push the company's stock price to soar 200% many.In April, this year, the apple releases an iPad flat panel computer, it sells quantity already exceed publish iPod for 9 years.(coach madison collection)

(coach backpacks)Reach a gram in the Na Si on that day, the apple stock price rises USD 1.17, closing price report USD 288.92|, rise is 0.41%, the falls after the dish 2 beautiful divide into USD 288.90|, the city is worth to USD 263,950,000,000.Medium the petroleum stock price fall 63 beautiful cent, closing price report USD 111.17|, fall is 0.56%, dish behind don't move, the city is worth for USD 203,460,000,000.Ai gram Sen the beautiful Fu stock price fall 30 beautiful cent, closing price report USD 61.15|, fall is 0.49%, dish behind don't move, city value is USD 311,360,000,000.


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