Dell appoints card Karen as chief marketing officer

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Dell appoints card Karen as chief marketing officer Empty Dell appoints card Karen as chief marketing officer

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(coach outlet)Report according to the foreign medium, Dell declares on Monday and serves as a marketing manager of Dell to reach to 10 years of long card Lun ·the gold give a Si(Karen Quintos) lady, be promoted for the company deluxe deputy governor and chief marketing an officer, and to president and chief the executive officer exceed a gram of Er ·Dell report a work.She will take over the Ai that will soon resign Lin-ma Li Gen ·Nelson.

(coach handbags)The gold gives Si to be responsible for to build up company brand for the customer of Dell, the member of the team and shareholder in the world, the job includes a brand strategy, world communication, social intercourse medium and business enterprise responsibility, world development and marketing talented person development and government business management.(Coach Wallets)

Gold's giving Si is an ensign group to join Dell from the flower in 2000.BE spending ensign, she served as a luck camp in the world and technique deputy governor.She worked in the Mo Ke company for 12 years before now, once in the market marketing, programming, luck the camp and supply chain section provided a job.The gold gave Si to acquire a marketing in University of New York market and international business professional master degree, and Pennsylvania signs university supply chain to manage a professional B.A. degree.(coach shoulder bags)


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