Facebook denies a secret development cellular phone

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Facebook denies a secret development cellular phone Empty Facebook denies a secret development cellular phone

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:01 pm

(coach outlet)Facebook spokesman Jamie Schopflin mean in an E-mail, the company has been concentrating on to develop different function kimono a duty Be applied to by integrating the social intercourse function that various cellular phone applies in.She means:"Facebook has no oneself to develop a cellular phone."

Jamie Schopflin writes a way in the E-mail:We have been making the cellular phone applied to have social intercourse more hard.The item that is engaged in at present includes to develop HTML5 version website and various main platform an application and support SDK all Connect functionses, and cooperate with manufacturer to integrate a different application in their products."

(coach poppy collection)"Our standpoint BE, all experiences once having social intercourse, prospect in the market will be better, but integrate various experience to the existing platform and the operate system is carry out social intercourse shortcut.People would like to call that it is Facebook Phone while speaking of the item that we develop, because can produce larger influence so, but the fact is, developing the cellular phone isn't our current task, we don't also begin this matter."


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