The Microsoft respond to valley song by HTML5 edition Bing

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The Microsoft respond to valley song by HTML5 edition Bing Empty The Microsoft respond to valley song by HTML5 edition Bing

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:29 pm

(coach outlet)Report according to the foreign medium, be song this week in the valley after releasing to immediately search in early time, some curious about that the net fan expects Bing to carry on backstroke, including Long from istartedsomething Zheng to the valley song.As early as August, 2009, Long Zheng used Bing public API to connect a people's development a tool, make to search engine acceleration.Astonishing BE, the tool can very easily add among Bing, is similar to a simple JavaScript document.

(coach bags)After a year, Bing still don't increase any function of having something to do with quickly searching, however, in 2010 of apple in developer general assembly in the world, Bing displayed a style of new version website with HTML5 support, the website has some excitements and very cool functions that make people very much.

These functions include the smooth conversion of search and result, this is similar to with quickly searching of the valley song.Bing of HTML5 editionses also includes the rapid label of the weather, map and other functions to preview, these need a mouse to stay around menu up, reduced to click to add to carry with page.

(coach charm collection)Bing of HLTM5 versionses may be the response that the Microsoft immediately searches to the valley song.The edition's Bing is anticipated to be released in next year's quarterly degree, in the IE9 release before or after.


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