Why do European politicians visiting Yasukuni Shrine

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Why do European politicians visiting Yasukuni Shrine Empty Why do European politicians visiting Yasukuni Shrine

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(coach handbags)According to 13 reports published in the Global Times, "European countries far-right politicians to visit Yasukuni Shrine at 8.15 the day before." This unprecedented new in the last few days in Europe and Asia also caught the eye. According to European media reports, six visits to Yasukuni Shrine this week the European far-right political party politicians from the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Austria, Hungary and eight or nine, "the European Union, the nationalist movement," members of the delegation in the name of the first the loudest is the French far-right National Front party master Le pen. Internet users in South Korea have cursed a group of "people will go to garbage dump garbage collection."

(coach outlet)British "Guardian" said, these politicians is subject to the Japanese extreme right-wing organization "of water will be" invited to visit Japan, they will hold a series of discussions in the coming days, "the future of the nationalist movement" of the meeting. Japanese organizers claimed that the meeting was "patriotic organizations, the International Conference", to allow political parties to exchange "protection of national identity, winning the battle against globalization" experience. Leading reputation in Europe is not how to French National Front, they claim this is just like the Japanese soldiers who died to pay tribute to the unfortunate, but the mainstream public opinion in Europe on such a defense altogether stuffed ears, they found that these xenophobic politicians in order to self-interest create controversy.

(coach shoulder bags)In recent years, part of the European far-right political parties were hostile to foreign immigration situation got points, but these were directed against Chinese previous record much. UK experts Haiji Man European Policy Centre, said the Yasukuni shrine in the past more of an Asian knot, the Europeans have very strange that there are likely to Yasukuni Shrine in Europe really ruined reputation. China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, said Feng Zhongping, director of Europe, Europe and Japan, far-right forces to the phenomenon had never seen before, this is something worthy of vigilance in China.


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