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Putin flew fire Empty Putin flew fire

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:07 pm

(coach handbags)Hard to imagine a country's prime minister will personally serve as fire risk, and is open to fire-fighting aircraft - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin once again to show the world his unique emergency situations creativity and courage. As always, this move by the Russian domestic opposition and the West to Putin as the latest evidence pushy. 11, "Fu Jia Putin" has become mean the Western media to his latest address, Putin Drainage button pressing at high altitude video by some users as a comedy show in appreciation.

(coach outlet)Associated Press is entitled "Fu Jia Putin's Russia to help fight the fire," the text to describe: Tuesday, Putin boarded the other -200 aircraft to take off, then moved to the co-pilot seat. TV video showed that he pressed a button after Discharge, glanced to the pilot, asked: "okay, right?" The pilot replied: "Direct hit!"

In contrast, the Moscow Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Foundation Center "pros" magazine editor Maliyali Shipman more neutral assessment of the matter, she told Reuters: "Putin is a man of action, is will close to the masses, to understand the masses, make a commitment to the masses and inspire trust. He was good to break the mood of anger and frustration. "She believes that Putin's support not only not decreased, there is probably because he fires" action those "type of reaction increased. This will also help him in next year's Duma elections and 2012 presidential elections.

(coach backpack)"Voice of America" on the 10th reported that Putin flew fire, will the expression of his "always enthusiastic."


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